We Fix Leaky Chimneys!

Water leaking in through the ceiling is a common springtime problem. But if you notice water spots forming on your ceiling, peeling wallpaper, warping wallboard or water dripping into your home from above, don’t rush to blame your roof! Often, when water is coming in from above, it’s your chimney that’s to blame.

Why chimneys leak

Water leaking in your chimney can be caused by several different chimney deficiencies. Especially after taking a beating through the wet, cold winter months, your chimney structure can begin to break down and let water in. Some common causes of chimney leaks include:

• Deteriorated flashing. Flashing surrounds the base of your chimney with the sole purpose of keeping water from entering your home where the roof meets the chimney. Over time, the flashing can crack, corrode or pull away from the chimney base, allowing water to enter your home around your chimney’s base.

• Cracked chimney crown. Your chimney crown seals the top of your chimney, funneling water away from the chimney opening and protecting the different layers of your chimney structure. Many crowns are constructed from the wrong materials, and will break down quickly. Even properly constructed crowns can begin to crack or crumble due to weather-related wear and tear. A cracked chimney crown can allow water to enter your home through the top of your chimney.

• Freeze-thaw damage. Your chimney deals with brutal elements all winter. Moisture from rain or melting snow is absorbed by your chimney’s porous masonry, and when temperatures drop, that water freezes and deteriorates your chimney’s masonry. The cracks that form in bricks, or holes formed by crumbling masonry, can let water leak into your chimney and gain access to your home’s structure.

• Missing chimney cap. Your chimney’s best defense against leaks is a sturdy chimney cap. A damaged or missing chimney cap can allow water to pour down the inner walls of your chimney, breaking down the chimney liner and damaging your fireplace.

What to do about a leaking chimney

If spring’s wet weather and melting snows have resulted in water leaking in through your roof, don’t wait to address the leak! When you ignore a leaking chimney, the water that continues to enter your home can continue to cause damage. A leaking chimney can destroy your walls and ceilings, rot the supporting structures of your home and lead to mold growth and foul smells in your home. Letting a leak persist can result in extensive and expensive home repairs!

Countless roof leaks are actually caused by chimneys, not roofs, so if the water damage you see is forming around the chimney or on the wall or ceiling near your fireplace, call a chimney company, not a roofer! Total Chimney Care can assess and repair your leaking chimney. Call to schedule an appointment and resolve your chimney leak today!