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Benefits of a top-sealing damper

A failing chimney damper is very frustrating. Most chimney dampers are located in the throat of a chimney and feature a metal disk that closes on a metal rim. Over time, that metal warps and rusts due to the heat of your fireplace and moisture that finds its way in. When a damper degrades or fails completely, you’re left with lots of problems. It causes your damper to fail to open and close easily, and even when closed, it might let air into your home.

If your chimney damper is no longer working, a top-sealing chimney damper is the solution and perfect fit for you. A top-sealing damper sits on the top opening of your chimney flue, rather than within the chimney. It’s operated with a lever or chain down inside the firebox. Top-sealing chimney dampers either pivot open on a hinge or pop open on a collapsible metal frame. They offer a host of benefits than throat dampers. Here are some of the advantages of a top-sealing damper.

A complete seal against the cold

houses with chimneys and chimney capsEven brand new throat dampers do a poor job of sealing out the cold when your chimney isn’t in use. That’s because the metal construction doesn’t allow for a complete seal. As a damper ages, the problem only get worse. A top-sealing chimney damper features a rubber gasket that completely seals off the opening of your chimney flue when your chimney isn’t in use. The tight seal prevents warm air from rising up your chimney, and it blocks cold drafts from blowing down through the chimney.

Protection against moisture

Nothing damage your chimney and fireplace like moisture. A chimney cap and a properly constructed chimney crown can help prevent rain, snow and sleet from your chimney flue. It’s impossible to keep moisture from entering your chimney and damaging your chimney liner and fireplace. However, a top-sealing damper can offer a tight seal, this prevents moisture from entering your chimney when the damper is closed. The pop-up dampers even keep your chimney covered when your fireplace is in use and damper is open.

Odor prevention

Your chimney holds a lot of smells, from damp musty odors to the pungent, burning smell of creosote. These odors can enter your house if your chimney drafts in the wrong direction. However, top-sealing dampers block foul odors from coming down your chimney and home.

Enjoy the benefits of a top-sealing chimney damper this winter! If your chimney damper is failing or struggling with cold air, moisture or foul odors entering your chimney, call Total Chimney Care! We can install a top-sealing damper on your chimney flue today!

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Benefits of hiring a CSIA-certified sweep

Finding a new service professional of any type can be overwhelming. Hiring a chimney sweep can be even more overwhelming because your sweep plays an integral role in detecting chimney damage and preventing chimney fires, keeping your home and your family safe. If you are in the market for a new chimney sweep, the best place to start is with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Reasons to Hire a Csia-Certified Sweep - New Haven - Fairfield CT- Total Chimney Care-w800-h800

The CSIA-training advantage

Anyone with the right equipment can call himself a chimney sweep. To be a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, however, you have to undergo an initial training, pass a course and commit to ongoing professional development. The CSIA is an accredited nonprofit agency that has been educating and training chimney sweeps for more than 30 years. Its expertise has been trusted by reputable news organizations including The New York Times, Consumer Reports, Dateline, and Good Morning America.

CSIA certification ensures that your chimney sweep is fully trained in industry best practices for cleaning, inspecting and repairing chimneys; the proper construction of chimneys and fireplaces; the codes and standards for chimney construction, vent construction and fireplace installation; and EPA requirements for home-heating appliances. The certification exam also verifies that sweeps understand the science of wood combustion and creosote formation. Sweeps must renew their certification annually and are required to be retested every year to have their certification renewed.

The CSIA professional commitment

In addition to their training and ongoing education, CSIA-certified sweeps are bound by a code of ethics that ensure they will treat their customers well. CSIA-certified sweeps are committed to honoring the CSIA’s best practices; that sweeps will know and comply with all local codes related to chimneys, fireplaces and heating stoves; and that they will install, repair and maintain stoves, fireplaces and chimneys in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. CSIA-certified sweeps also will be professional at all time and are bound to educate their clients on safe operation and maintenance of their fireplaces, heating stoves and chimneys.

Call a CSIA-certified sweep today!

To keep fireplaces and chimney operating safely and efficiently, the National Fire Protection Association advises homeowners to have their chimneys swept and inspected annually. To protect against a chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, schedule your annual sweeping and inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney sweep. It’s the best way to know that your chimney has been cared for in the safest possible manner. Your CSIA-certified sweep also is prepared to help you deal with any damage, wear and tear, or malfunctions your fireplace or chimney faces because they’ve undergone the training needed to deal with more than just brushing your chimney flue.

If you are looking for a new chimney sweep, call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment today. In addition to being CSIA certified, we have been trusted chimney sweeps for 20 years! We are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Sweep

Your chimney is an integral part of your home. You wouldn’t want to entrust its care to just anyone out there. To make sure you get the best sweeps in town, use these questions as a guide:

It is important to ask these questions to give you an overview of the things your chimney sweep can do and to assess their expertise, professionalism, and demeanor.

It is important to ask these questions to give you an overview of the things your chimney sweep can do and to assess their expertise, professionalism, and demeanor.