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We fix leaky chimneys!

Leaky chimneys can manifest in many ways inside your home. Whether it’s water pooling in your firebox, stains on your ceilings or walls, discoloration on the exterior of your chimney, or chimney masonry that’s rapidly deteriorating due to excess moisture. The professionals from Total Chimney Care can help. We fix leaky chimneys!

Flashing repair

Most of the time, when there are chimneys leak, the flashing is to blame! Chimney flashing surrounds the base of your chimney, forming a tight seal where the chimney meets your roof to prevent water from leaking in. Over time, your chimney flashing inevitably breaks. It can crack or corrode, forming holes which let water into your chimney. Often, when water stains appear on the ceiling or walls around your chimney, a leak around the chimney flashing is the issue.

Chimney crown repair

Chimney crowns seal off the layers of your chimney at the top. Constructed from concrete, they are extremely susceptible to form cracks due to freeze/thaw process. Damaged chimney crown allows water to leak through the layers of your chimney, causing damage to the internal chimney structure or to your home’s structure. The only way to fix this problem is to repair or reconstruct your chimney crown.


Like your chimney crowns, the mortar joints on your masonry chimney are also incredibly susceptible to break due to water absorption and the freeze/thaw cycle. When your mortar joints form cracks and begin to crumble, water then gain access to your chimney. When water makes its way through the cracks, this can weaken the chimney structure or cause water damage to the chimney’s interior. We recommend getting your chimney repaired through tuckpointing. This process removes the damaged mortar joints and reinforces your chimney with newly applied mortar.


To protect your chimney from leaks in the first place, we can apply a waterproofing solution to your chimney! Chimney masonry absorbs water very easily, and when temperatures drop below freezing, the water within the masonry expands and cause cracks that lead to chimney leaks. When you waterproof your chimney with ChimneySaver solutions, your chimney’s masonry is protected from water absorption. ChimneySaver’s waterproofing solution prevents nearly 100 percent of water from being absorbed into your chimney’s masonry. They also work to allow your chimney to breath and exhaust the smoke and moisture generated by your fireplace at the same time.

Let us help!

If your chimney is plagued with leaks, call Total Chimney Care at 203-874-6772 to schedule an appointment today! Our experts can’t wait to fix your chimney leaks. We offer plenty of solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of your fireplace by making sure your chimney crown, flashing and mortar joints are in good condition.

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What is Tuckpointing? And Why Might My Chimney Need It?

What is Tuckpointing and Why Does My Chimney Need It - Fairfied New Haven CT - Total Chimney CareA few months ago you noticed some cracks in your chimney’s mortar but placed the issue to the back of your mind. After all, how bad could a few cracks actually be? Lately, though, the cracks seem to be getting bigger, and you have even noticed a water leak in your home every time it rains. Now the heavy burden of regret begins to set in from blowing off the issue when you first noticed it. You worry about the problem leading to serious water damage and expensive repairs. Fortunately, though, tuckpointing can handle the problem now and help you avoid more costly solutions later on down the road.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing, also known as repointing, is a method of repairing mortar joints by replacing the damaged mortar with new mortar. During this process, two contrasting colors of mortar with one color matching the brickwork, are placed in the mortar joints.

Why Might My Chimney Need It?

The need for tuckpointing is inevitable, since all masonry chimneys face damage at some point. In fact, mortar, lasting about 25 years, has a much shorter lifespan than the bricks on your chimney. Over time, weathering leads to damage of your chimney’s mortar. Tuckpointing is the most cost-effective way to repair damaged areas of your mortar joints. Otherwise, if the mortar joints are left to deteriorate, the chimney will eventually collapse, warranting an expensive rebuild of the entire chimney. It may be time to go ahead and consider tuckpointing before extensive damage occurs if there are gaps, holes, or cracks in the mortar or if there is a white substance on the masonry.

What are Some Benefits of Tuckpointing?

In addition to preventing the need for more costly repairs, tuckpointing also offers numerous other benefits:

  • By stopping mortar joint corrosion, tuckpointing gives your chimney a longer lifespan.
  • By keeping water out of your chimney system, tuckpointing can prevent serious water damage from occurring to your home. Such water damage can lead to problems like mold and rotting wood. According to the Masonry Advisory Council, “Repointing deteriorated mortar joints is one of the most effective and permanent ways of decreasing water entry into brickwork.”
  • Tuckpointing can impose structural stability on a deteriorating chimney.
  • Tuckpointing improves the value of your home.
  • After tuckpointing, your chimney will look good as new again.

Don’t let damage to your chimney’s mortar joints escalate. If you suspect that your chimney may need tuckpointing and live in the New Haven or Fairfield areas of Connecticut, call or go online today to set up an appointment with the professionals at Total Chimney Care.

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