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You probably worry about your chimney in the fall, as you prepare for a winter season full of warm fires. The reality is that spring’s rain and summer’s warmer temperatures can cause problems with your fireplace and chimney. If your chimney gives you problems this spring, Total Chimney Care can help! We Fix Chimneys That Leak & Stink - New Haven - Fairfield CT - Total chimney Care-w800-h800

Leaky chimneys

Leaky chimneys are one of the most common problems during the spring and summer months. When spring’s rains hit, cracks or leaks in your chimney that developed over the winter can suddenly become evident and damage your chimney or your home’s structure.

Because unchecked leaks can lead to costly and extensive repairs, it’s important to be on the lookout for signs of chimney leaks this spring. Walk around your chimney and look for cracked or crumbling bricks, crumbling mortar joints and discoloration. If you’re able, it’s also wise to check the top of your chimney to make sure your chimney cap is firmly in place and that the flashing at the base of the chimney hasn’t pulled away from the chimney or cracked. Inside your home, look for stains on your walls and ceiling near your chimney. A rusted damper or rusting fireplace doors can be a sign of a chimney leak.

If you notice any signs of leaks, don’t wait to have them checked by a chimney professional. A technician from Total Chimney Care can inspect your chimney leak and help you formulate a plan for repairing your chimney leak. Calling now gives you time to have your chimney repaired this summer, before you’re ready to use your chimney again next fall.

Stinky chimneys

Stinky chimneys can be a major problem when the weather heats up. The creosote that has collected on your chimney walls each time you burned a fire this winter can begin to stink on hot, humid summer days. Even worse, if an animal has made its way into your chimney and become trapped, that animal can begin to decay and stink as temperatures rise. Those smells can fill your home, making for unpleasant living and becoming difficult to get rid of.

The best way to guard against a stinky chimney is to have your chimney swept each spring. A spring chimney sweeping gets rid of creosote and would spot any trapped animals, helping you to avoid a stinky chimney and home.

Call Total Chimney Care to stave off chimney problems

Spring is the best time to address problems with your chimney. With stinky chimneys and leaky chimneys being the most common spring and summer problems, a spring chimney sweeping and inspection is the perfect way to address and avoid any chimney problems. Total Chimney Care happily performs spring chimney maintenance that keeps your chimney leak and odor free. If you notice any leaks or smells coming from your chimney, call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment.

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