Chimney Dampers In New Haven & Fairfield, CT

Dampers Allow Air In & Out of Your Chimney System

Your chimney damper is a simple mechanism that seals off the chimney flue when your fireplace is not in use. Dampers are made in several different designs. In most cases, dampers are located at the base where the chimney meets the firebox. Some are operated using a pull chain, while others are closed with a knob. The damper controls the draft of air traveling to and from the chimney flue. If you open the damper all the way, you will increase the amount of oxygen, creating a bigger, hotter fire. If you close the damper a little bit, you will reduce the airflow and calm the fire.  Learn more about top sealing dampers by watching the video below.

Chimney dampers serve several important functions, including:

  • Conserving energy by keeping the heated or cooled air from escaping your home via the chimney flue
  • Keeping animals and other debris from getting in your home by coming down the flue
  • Preventing rainwater and moisture from entering your home

Dampers clearly serve an important function for your chimney. An improperly installed or damaged damper can greatly reduce your energy efficiency, letting expensive heated and cooled air escape from your home by going up and out the chimney. If your damper isn’t functioning properly, it can also cause damage to your chimney. If water and moisture can get in, they can quickly damage your chimney, causing cracks in the mortar and other problems.

What We Do

Total Chimney Care will examine your chimney damper and make sure that it is safe and effective. We have experience working with many types of dampers. We will perform an inspection to figure out the right way to address your damper problem. In most cases, we can repair your existing damper but, if necessary, we will install a new one.  Your damper provides a critical function for the safe and efficient operation of your chimney, so it is critical to make sure it works properly. There have been changes to dampers over the years and we highly recommend the top sealing damper for replacement.

No chimney is complete without a chimney cap, so let us help you by inspecting, installing or repairing your chimney cap today.