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Total Chimney Care Means Oil Flues, Too!

Oil FurnaceWe’re revving up for another cold winter here in Connecticut — is your oil furnace’s flue up for the job? Let the careful and thorough sweeps at Total Chimney Care get your oil flue as clean as a whistle and ready to work hard, no matter how long or cold this winter is!

Does My Oil Flue Really Need Cleaning?

Whenever fuel is burned, be it wood, gas or oil, byproducts form and settle along the flue liner (in the case of an oil furnace, the byproducts are carbon and sulfur). As these byproducts build up within the flue, you can expect to see a decrease in efficiency and air purity, and perhaps even a shorter lifespan for your furnace.

Why? Because the buildup of soot reduces airflow within the flue, making it much harder for your furnace to work easily and efficiently. An inefficient furnace will also make it a rough winter for your wallet!

Additionally, restricted airflow within the flue can cause water vapor fumes, nitrogen and carbon monoxide to flow back into your home, polluting your family’s air supply and oftentimes causing health problems.

What If My Oil Flue Needs Relining?

We’ve got you covered there, too! Our team of experts will closely evaluate your liner, and if it’s damaged and unable to safely and efficiently perform its duties, we will make recommendations for a new liner. Our sweeps know which liners are built to last and can properly install a new liner that will restore your oil flue to optimal function.

Make Sure Your Family Stays Warm & Healthy This Winter With Total Chimney Care

Our team of sweeps is experienced and knowledgeable and will work hard to ensure that your oil flue is clean and ready to go. And with our care and attention to detail, you can be confident that your home will stay pristine throughout the process.

To schedule your oil flue cleaning with a Total Chimney Care expert, call us at (203) 874- 6772 or click here!

Cleaning and sweeping your chimney is at the core of our complete fireplace and chimney services.

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I've known Steve Sobczak, the President of Total Chimney Care, for many years. Steve is an excellent technician, (as are his employees), but the thing that REALLY makes Steve and the Total Chimney Care Customer Service Team stand head and shoulders above the rest of the "competition" is they CARE and are very conscientious about what they are doing. Steve and his technicians treat every customer like their only customer. They follow the golden rule and you'll never have to worry about the "trust factor" when they recommend repairs. Steve does EXTENSIVE training on Ethics with his personnel from the person answering their telephone for the initial call to the personnel that perform any work for you. That includes service, installation, repairs, or advisement of any kind on your hearth system. They do the job right the first time and they guarantee your satisfaction. You simply don't find that with a lot of companies out there. Total Chimney Care will treat you with respect and care and you can certainly trust them to provide you with a level of customer service that is unmatched anywhere else in their market. They're my personal recommendation in their market and they should be yours as well.
~ Bart O.