Is Your Chase Cover Missing Or Rusted Through? We Can Help!

If you have a prefabricated chimney system, you most likely have a “chase” surrounding your chimney piping where it exits the roof of the home. Although the chase goes a long way in protecting the chimney piping from water, debris and animals, a chase without a chase cover is simply not enough. Why? Because even though the chase works to protect the sides of the chimney piping, the top of the chase is wide open to the elements.

What’s The Solution?

Have a durable 100% stainless steel or copper EverGuard chase cover installed!

Traditionally, prefabricated chimney systems have been installed with a galvanized metal chase cover to seal off the top of the chase. But unfortunately, galvanized metal chase covers don’t always have a long service life. If you’re noticing water or mold in your chimney or rust in your firebox or along your chase, you can bet your chase cover has seen better days.

The good news is: at Total Chimney Care, we provide high-quality, long-lasting chase cover replacements from EverGuard. EverGuard chase covers are designed with cross breaks and custom-fitted to your system for the best in water protection. Our technicians have extensive installation experience and know how to protect your prefabricated chimney for the long-term. We can remove your rusted chase cover and check your entire system for any leaks or water damage. We’ll also check to make sure your chimney cap is still providing protection to your system. When you have your chase cover replaced by one of our professionals, you can expect seamless and long-lasting protection — in fact, EverGuard is the only chase cover that comes with a forever warranty!

Wondering If You Can Put Off Replacing Your Chase Cover?

If your chase cover is missing or damaged, your chimney system will almost assuredly need some serious repairs down the line. Having a new chase cover professionally installed can prevent further water damage and keep you from forking over your hard-earned money later on. Save yourself the money and hassle by calling Total Chimney Care as soon as you notice rust or water in or around your prefabricated chimney system. Our technicians are here to help you get the most out of your chimney – and enjoy it for as long as possible.

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