Chimney Inspection Service In New Haven & Fairfield

Why Chimney Inspections are Necessary

An annual chimney inspection is a modest investment that can help prevent chimney fires and reduce the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you have your chimney inspected each year. Even if you don’t burn wood in your fireplace regularly, it is important to have your chimney inspected to check for hidden damage such as cracks, leaks and structural problems as well as critters and debris.  According to the NFPA, heating equipment (including the chimney) is the leading cause of house fires. Chimney fires can cause massive devastation to your home, but fortunately, an annual chimney inspection can uncover problems and keep your fireplace safe to use.

It is important to have your chimney inspected each year as part of your regular home maintenance schedule, but there are other times when a chimney inspection is required. Below is a video provided to consumer by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) that will help you understand the process.

When Is A Chimney Inspection Required?

  • When you buy or sell a home
  • Any time there has been a natural disaster, fire, hurricane or other event that may have caused damage to your chimney or the surrounding structure
  • Whenever you are doing repair work to the masonry on your home
  • When you have a new insurance policy
  • Any time you have a new heating appliance installed

There are three types of chimney inspections: Level 1, 2 and 3. The type of inspection required depends on the kind of chimney you have and the condition of the structure.

close up of technician's hand pointing to a video inspection screen

Levels of Inspection

Level 1 – The most common type of chimney inspection. Here, the technician will visually inspect all accessible parts of your chimney.

Level 2 – In a Level 2 inspection, the technician will inspect everything in the Level 1 inspection, plus some additional work in the attic, crawlspace or other accessible areas. We may use a video camera to check areas not visible to the naked eye. You can check out more about the Chim-Scan video system that we use here.

Level 3 – This is the most extensive type of inspection, including everything from the Level 1 and 2 inspections, and is not done often due to total tear down of the structure in most cases. A Level 3 inspection is typically only required when serious damage is suspected.

At Total Chimney Care, all of our technicians are fully qualified to inspect, service and repair your chimney. We will arrive on time and treat you and your property with courtesy and respect. You can count on us to make sure your chimney is safe so you can focus on enjoying your fireplace.

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If our inspection of your chimney indicates a need for repair, don’t despair! Total Chimney Care can handle whatever repair is needed as part of our fireplace and chimney services expertise.