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For more than 20 years, Total Chimney Care has been Connecticut’s most knowledgeable and most thorough chimney and venting service provider. We provide a wide array of services, from chimney care to dryer vent and air duct cleaning services.

Our Chimney Services In Fairfield, CT

Our goal is to be Fairfield’s answer to all of their venting needs, including: Chimney & Fireplace Sweeping; Chimney & Fireplace Inspections; Chimney Relining; Chimney Leaks; Chimney Repairs; Chimney & Fireplace Installations; Dryer Vent Cleaning; and Air Duct Cleaning. Let us help make your home as comfortable and as safe as possible.

Keeping Water Where It Belongs In Fairfield

If you live in Fairfield, CT you’ll agree that being near the water is one of the best things about living in the area. Unfortunately, it can also be responsible for a great deal of damage to your chimney. Any knowledgeable chimney technician will tell you: Water is your chimney’s worst enemy. But the experts at Total Chimney Care can help you properly protect and prepare your chimney for a long life of service.

Helping our clients fight off chimney leaks and moisture damage is a big part of what we do here at Total Chimney Care. We troubleshoot leak issues and perform repairs (including chimney crown repair) to stop those leaks in their tracks. We also install chimney components to protect vulnerable areas from water intrusion (including chimney flashing).

One of the most cost-effective and valuable services we offer our customers in Fairfield is waterproofing. By applying a waterproofing sealant, we help Fairfield homeowners fight off masonry leaks before they happen. Masonry materials will, over time, begin to degrade due to the effects of time and weather. A waterproofing sealant can help extend the masonry’s service life considerably, stopping moisture from being absorbed while still allowing the masonry to “breathe” and expel vapors and tiny particles from the inside.

We recommend waterproofing whether you have an older chimney that you’d like to make last longer, or a brand new chimney that you want to keep in great condition. Read more on the benefits of waterproofing your chimney here.

We Also Help Fairfield Preserve Its Historical Chimney Systems

The beautiful historic homes and buildings around Fairfield are part of what creates its unique character — and we love getting to work on historic chimneys that have provided decades of warmth and togetherness to Connecticut families.

Historic chimneys have unique needs, though, and servicing and repairing those chimneys properly takes knowledge and experience. Total Chimney Care puts a strong emphasis on thorough and ongoing training — our techs are all fully trained and rigorously tested before they go out into the field, and we all regularly undergo follow-up training to further sharpen our skills.

Being trained here in Connecticut, Total Chimney Care technicians are focused on the needs of our neighbors — and that means, in part, knowing historic chimneys inside and out. Whether you need an older chimney brought up to code and proper performance with a new flue liner, or need to have a damaged masonry chimney intricately tuckpointed to bring back its beauty and function, Total Chimney Care can help.

Total Chimney Care’s Service Area in Fairfield

We serve as many of our neighbors in the greater Fairfield area as possible, including the following zip codes:

06824, 06825, 06828

Turn to Total Chimney Care for all your chimney system, dryer venting system, and air duct system service needs in Fairfield. Call us to make an appointment with our expert technicians!

We provide great chimney service to all our neighbors in Norwalk. Find out if you’re in our service area so we can keep you and your family warm, too!