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Total Chimney Care Takes Care Of All Of Bridgeport’s Chimney & Dryer Vent Needs

Are you a resident or business owner of Bridgeport in need of reliable chimney and venting services? Total Chimney Care has been servicing chimney and dryer vent systems in Connecticut for more than 15 years, and since we’re local and based out of Milford, our technicians are in Bridgeport on an almost daily basis. We love to help our neighbors enjoy more beautiful, more efficient and safer heating appliances and chimneys year after year. That’s why we only employ quality, courteous, well-trained technicians that can provide the best possible services and produce the highest quality work. If you live in Bridgeport, let Total Chimney Care provide you with the level of care you want and deserve.

We Offer Comprehensive Chimney Services To Our Neighbors In Bridgeport

Our name was chosen for a reason: Total Chimney Care’s chimney services are comprehensive, so whether you’re looking to have a new fireplace installed or just want to schedule your annual chimney inspection, we’re ready to help.

Among the chimney services Total Chimney Care routinely provides to our Bridgeport clients:

Including new fireplaces and chimneys and chimney system components, such as chimney dampers and chimney caps.

Regular Chimney Maintenance
Including annual chimney and fireplace inspections, and routine chimney and fireplace sweeping.

Chimney System Repairs
Including chimney leak troubleshooting and repairs, chimney flue liner repair and relining, masonry repairs and much more.

Let Us Make Your Dryer Vents Safer, Too

While chimneys are our specialty at Total Chimney Care, we also service Bridgeport clients’ dryer vent systems. Chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning are both important parts of reducing fire hazards in your home. Built-up creosote can lead to a fire in your chimney; built-up lint can ignite in your dryer vents — both are situations we want to avoid and can avoid with regular maintenance. Our technicians use specialized tools to thoroughly clean your vents, leaving you with a venting system that allows your dryer to work as efficiently and as safely as possible. For more information on our dryer vent cleaning services and how we provide mess-free service, please click here.

Breathe A Breath Of Fresh Air In Bridgeport

In addition to caring for the dryer vents and chimney systems of our neighbors in Bridgeport, those of us here at Total Chimney Care also work to keep indoor air quality as high as possible. That’s why we offer our customers quality air duct cleaning services. We work to remove dust, mold spores, germs and other respiratory threats from the air ducts of Bridgeport’s homes and offices. To learn more about the importance of air duct cleaning services here.

Areas Total Chimney Care Serves In Bridgeport

Not sure if we travel to your neck of the woods? We service the following zip codes in Bridgeport:

06601, 06602, 06604, 06605, 06606, 06607, 06608, 06610, 06650, 06673, 06699

If you’re a Bridgeport home or business owner with chimney system, dryer vent or air duct cleaning needs, give Total Chimney Care a call. We’d love to help!


We love serving our customers in beautiful historic Fairfield, too. Check to see if you are in our extensive service area today.

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I am a first time homeowner and very new to keeping a home. The other day, I received a phone call from a chimney company asking if I needed my chimney cleaned. They gave me a great price of $40, so I figured, why not. My husband and I were looking forward to using our fireplace and at that price how could I go wrong. The company showed up and started to scare me that my chimney could not be cleaned, because if they did, the entire chimney would collapse. They started to scare me, that if I did not do this, my gas furnace would leak carbon monoxide into my home and it would be unsafe for my family. They were really pressuring me into a $2000 repair job. When I said I needed to discuss it with my husband, they got really aggressive and insisted I do it right away. They wanted cash and would do it for half price if I did it now. They finally left after some tense moments. I told a friend about this and she told me to call Total Chimney Care. I did and was greeted by a nice woman on the phone. She seemed to know what I was talking about and understand my fears about having someone else come out. I agreed on an appointment (reluctantly) and waited for them. They arrived, looked at my chimney, and showed me that nothing was wrong. They cleaned my fireplace and even showed me how to use it. They were great, honest, and made me feel comfortable. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone. Thanks for reading. :-)
~ Christine