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Most people stay indoors on very cold and very hot days. However, you should know that the air quality indoors can be far worse than the air quality outdoors on any day! That’s right, bacteria and germs, as well as mold spores and a host of other particles, can be lingering throughout your air duct system and get blown around as your HVAC system kicks in.

This can be as bad as when you fly in some spaces that are “air” tight. It’s great to save on energy bills but not always so great on the air quality. That’s why having the air vent system cleaned at least once a year is a good idea for home and businesses. This process will remove the vast majority of the bacteria, germs, mold spores and those other particles.

What We Do

When we come into a home or business we hook up an E.P.A.-approved HEPA filtration vacuum system and literally suck the bad stuff out of the venting system. We remove it from your vents, bag it and make sure it is responsibly disposed of. We do this because we live in the same towns and neighborhoods as you do and want to be responsible citizens. Commitment and caring just makes sense to us.

Contact Total Chimney Care to schedule your appointment today for us to come out and get those air ducts clean so you, your family and/or your staff can breathe easy once again.

Remember to take care of having your dryer vents cleaned regularly, too. It is vital for your family’s safety to schedule this vent cleaning service on a regular basis.

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I've known Steve Sobczak, the President of Total Chimney Care, for many years. Steve is an excellent technician, (as are his employees), but the thing that REALLY makes Steve and the Total Chimney Care Customer Service Team stand head and shoulders above the rest of the "competition" is they CARE and are very conscientious about what they are doing. Steve and his technicians treat every customer like their only customer. They follow the golden rule and you'll never have to worry about the "trust factor" when they recommend repairs. Steve does EXTENSIVE training on Ethics with his personnel from the person answering their telephone for the initial call to the personnel that perform any work for you. That includes service, installation, repairs, or advisement of any kind on your hearth system. They do the job right the first time and they guarantee your satisfaction. You simply don't find that with a lot of companies out there. Total Chimney Care will treat you with respect and care and you can certainly trust them to provide you with a level of customer service that is unmatched anywhere else in their market. They're my personal recommendation in their market and they should be yours as well.
~ Bart O.