Everyone likes to keep a clean house. The one area often neglected that can make it difficult to have a truly clean house is your air ducts. From keeping your house warm in the winter to cool in  summer, your air ducts are constantly working. That means your air ducts can have a major impact on the cleanliness, and the health, of your home. Here’s why you should have a professional air duct cleaning this year.

Increase indoor air qualityprofessional air duct cleaning

Air is constantly flowing through your air ducts and into the living spaces of your home. Your air ducts can be home to some very undesirable things, from simple dust to mold to bacteria and animal droppings. Whatever is lurking in your air ducts is picked up by the air and circulated to the rest of your home. This why indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality. Professional air duct cleaning improves the air quality in your home by removing all of the dirt and debris from your ducts to prevent it from making its way into your home.

Reduce allergens

If someone in your home is living with allergies, asthma or other chronic lung issue, the dust, debris and allergens in your air ducts can aggravate their condition. Professional air duct cleaning removes dust, pet dander, the fine particles left behind by cigarette or cigar smoke, mold and other allergens. This can make a huge difference to someone who is suffering.

Improve your HVAC system performance and save money

The dust and debris that collect in your air ducts don’t just find their way into your home’s living spaces, they also find their way back into your HVAC system. That dust and debris can clog ducts, blowers and vents and can decrease your HVAC system’s performance and its ability to efficiently circulate air. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned can increase the performance of your HVAC system and increase its lifespan. That increased performance also can save you money. A one-time cleaning of a moderately soiled air duct system can reduce home energy bills by 11 percent, while regular system cleanings can save homeowners as much as 25 to 40 percent on bills.

Keep your home cleaner

Do you feel like you are constantly dusting your home? Do dust bunnies build up in corners or in your air vents and air returns? Your dirty air duct system could be to blame! If your air ducts are full of dirt and dust, that dirt and dust gets blown out of vents. It then collects on furniture, in corners and in and around vents. Professional air duct cleaning can help you to keep your home cleaner by removing dust before it collects around your home.

Enjoy a cleaner home, improved air quality and better HVAC efficiency this year with a professional air duct cleaning. Call Total Chimney Care to schedule your cleaning today!