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The early bird gets the worm — Schedule your chimney appointment now!

Fall is just around the corner. As soon as the leaves turn and the temperatures begin to drop, homeowners throughout the northeast will call their chimney sweeps to schedule their annual chimney sweepings and inspections. When it comes to having your chimney swept in a timely manner and fully prepared for fall, the early bird really does get the worm.

Get the appointment you want, faster

The early bird gets the worm — Schedule your chimney appointment now - Fairfield & New Haven CT - Total Chimney Care In the fall, our schedules fill up fast. You may have to wait weeks for a chimney sweeping and inspection, which can delay the enjoyment of your fireplace. To get an appointment in the fall, you might even have to rearrange your schedule for when your sweep is available. By calling to schedule before the fall rush, you can get an appointment faster! Schedule an appointment with us right now, and your chimney will be swept, inspected and ready for all the fires to come.

Leave time for repairs

Most chimney sweepings and inspections are routine maintenance. Your sweep clears away creosote and performs a quick inspection to make sure your chimney is damage free and safe to use. Unfortunately, chimney inspections sometimes reveals needed repairs. When repairs are necessary, they should be addressed immediately. Having your chimney swept early leave plenty of time for needed repairs, and then your chimney will be ready for fall.

Make the improvements you’ve been thinking about

Have you been thinking about making improvements to your hearth or chimney? Fireplace and chimney improvements are often put off, until homeowners are ready to use their fireplaces again in the fall. By then, it’s often too late as our schedule is usually filled up. When you schedule your annual chimney service early, you can consult with our chimney sweep about the improvements you’ve been considering. By scheduling your sweeping early, you can spend this winter enjoying the fireplace of your dreams.

When it comes to annual chimney sweepings and inspections, the early bird really does get the worm! Don’t wait! Call Total Chimney Care today at 203-874-6772 to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection now!

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Start 2017 Off With A Chimney Inspection!

A new year brings new beginnings. With that in mind, many people start the new year with a traditional deep cleaning of their homes. If you are trying to get your home in order, due to your new year’s resolution, start your with a chimney inspection!

A New Year Means a Fresh Start

You probably know that your chimney should be swept and inspected at least once per year to keep your home safe. A chimney sweeping inspection removes creosote buildups and other deposits within your chimney. It provides an opportunity to detect any cracks, deterioration, damage or malfunctioning in your chimney and fireplace system. While fall is the traditional time of year for a chimney sweeping and inspection, many people slide past their annual inspection date, past Christmas and into the new year.  The new year is the perfect time to have your chimney inspected. If your chimney is swept now, you still have plenty of the fire-burning season left to enjoy your freshly swept chimney.

A Clean Chimney Means a Cleaner Home

If you like to give your home a deep cleaning every new year, a chimney sweeping is a must. A dirty chimney can fill your home with unpleasant odors from creosote deposits, an animal nest or organic matter. If you have a stinky chimney filling your home with foul odors, your home won’t truly seem clean. A chimney sweeping will clear away the debris in your chimney that can cause unpleasant smells in your home.

Cleaning Your Chimney Now Means Less Work Later

By having your chimney swept as part of your new year’s resolution, you will cross one more thing off of your home to-do list! That means you will be able to enjoy your fireplace safely for the rest of the season, and you won’t have to worry about your chimney again until you light a fire next year. When the fall fire-burning season hits, you will already have a well-prepped fireplace.

A Chimney Inspection Now Let’s You Plan For Repairs

The best time for chimney repairs is in the spring and summer, when you’re not planning to use your fireplace. If you have your chimney swept now to prepare your home for the new year, you will have ample time to schedule your chimney repairs or improvements. This will prepare you chimney for good use next fall.

If you are ready to start 2017 off with a chimney cleaning and inspection, call Total Chimney Care to schedule your appointment today!

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Your Oil Flue Needs to be Cleaned, too!

Oil furnaces work hard all winter long, running cycles to keep your home warm and comfortable. As the oil burns to heat your home, it creates soot and other byproducts that build up within your chimney. Your oil flue needs to be cleaned and inspected at least once per year.

The Importance of Oil Flue Cleaning and Inspection

As your oil furnace burns, it pumps combustion byproducts into the furnace flue. This includes soot, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. When an oil flue isn’t cleaned regularly, the soot can fall down to the bottom of a masonry chimney or back onto the heating unit. The buildup of soot can prevent the other combustion byproducts from safely leaving your home. That leaves you and your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

On top of the health danger, a dirty oil flue can compromise the efficiency of your heating system. A dirty flue system does not allow your heating unit to work efficiently. That can lead to higher home heating bills and the premature breakdown of your oil furnace.

Additionally, oil furnace flues can break down quickly, as the soot mixes with moisture to create a corrosive concoction. It is important not only to have the flue system swept, but to also have it inspected at least once per year due to rapid breakdown. Your flue inspection will evaluate the health of your oil flue to make sure that the system is safely removing the byproducts of your oil furnace.

The Oil Flue Sweeping Process

You might see your oil technician remove debris from the base of the chimney and dust furnace pipes, but that is not the adequate sweeping process recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. That’s why it is crucial that you schedule a cleaning and inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney sweep.

During your oil flue cleaning and inspection, a sweep trained in oil flue cleaning and inspection will seal any areas that may allow soot from the flue to enter your home. The sweep will then remove and clean the pipe that connects the oil furnace to the chimney flue. The technician will replace the pipe then conduct a thorough visual inspection of the chimney system. The technician will sweep the entire chimney flue if needed. Any loosened soot deposits will be removed, and the entire chimney system will be inspected to make sure that it is safe for use. Once the sweeping and inspection are completed, your technician will restart your oil furnace.

Call Total Chimney Care to Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are overdue for an oil flue cleaning and inspection, call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment today! Our CSIA-certified technicians can check the system to ensure that it is in good repair.

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Total Chimney Care Embraces The CSIA

At Total Chimney Care, we believe in taking good care of our customers. To us, that means ensuring that our sweeps are well educated and trained in installing, maintaining and repairing fireplaces, heating stoves and chimneys. The best way to do that, is by embracing the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

total chimney care embraces the csia - new haven ct - total chimney careWhat Is The CSIA?

The CSIA is the leading education and training organization for chimney sweeps in the United States. The CSIA works to educate chimney sweeps and the public about safe operation and care of fireplaces, heating stoves and chimneys. One of the primary functions of the CSIA is to train and certify chimney sweeps. These primary functions include:

  • The science of wood-burning and creosote formation
  • Proper chimney sweeping inspection and repair techniques
  • Codes related to constructing chimneys and vents
  • Installing fireplaces and heating stoves
  • U.S. EPA regulations related to home-heating appliances

Under CSIA guidelines, sweeps have to renew their certification each year. In addition, they must retake the CSIA certification exam every three years.

How Does Total Chimney Care Uphold CSIA Standards?

At Total Chimney Care, we honor the high industry standards of the CSIA by making sure that our chimney sweeps are CSIA certified. We are proud to announce that Edward Andriaccio, Robert Baker, and Justin Gonzalez have earned their CSIA certifications. They did this by undergoing their CSIA training programming and passing the CSIA certification exam.

We at Total Chimney Care also believe in adhering the to the CSIA industry code of conduct. Under the code of conduct, we promise to:

  • Follow industry best practices
  • Know local codes and manufacturer’s guidelines for fireplaces, heating stoves and chimneys
  • Always treat customers professionally and with respect

These are things that Total Chimney Care strongly believes in!

Why Else Are Total Chimney Care Sweeps The Best?

At Total Chimney Care, we not only uphold CSIA training and guidelines, we go beyond them! We have an in-house training facility. So, now all of our employees can learn and practice proper chimney care and maintenance. We hold regular in-house training, bringing in industry experts and factory technicians. It would be hard to find another company that trains their sweeps as well as we do!

When you call on Total Chimney Care, we promise to send well-trained, professional sweeps who will take good care of your home. We use drop cloths, gloves and high powered vacuums. This way we won’t make a mess of your home while we clean your chimney. Our technicians will always be on time, will introduce themselves, and produce their photo ID. So, as you prepare your fireplace and chimney for the upcoming fire-burning season, call on Total Chimney Care’s CSIA certified technicians to care for your home!

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Benefits of hiring a CSIA-certified sweep

Finding a new service professional of any type can be overwhelming. Hiring a chimney sweep can be even more overwhelming because your sweep plays an integral role in detecting chimney damage and preventing chimney fires, keeping your home and your family safe. If you are in the market for a new chimney sweep, the best place to start is with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Reasons to Hire a Csia-Certified Sweep - New Haven - Fairfield CT- Total Chimney Care-w800-h800

The CSIA-training advantage

Anyone with the right equipment can call himself a chimney sweep. To be a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, however, you have to undergo an initial training, pass a course and commit to ongoing professional development. The CSIA is an accredited nonprofit agency that has been educating and training chimney sweeps for more than 30 years. Its expertise has been trusted by reputable news organizations including The New York Times, Consumer Reports, Dateline, and Good Morning America.

CSIA certification ensures that your chimney sweep is fully trained in industry best practices for cleaning, inspecting and repairing chimneys; the proper construction of chimneys and fireplaces; the codes and standards for chimney construction, vent construction and fireplace installation; and EPA requirements for home-heating appliances. The certification exam also verifies that sweeps understand the science of wood combustion and creosote formation. Sweeps must renew their certification annually and are required to be retested every year to have their certification renewed.

The CSIA professional commitment

In addition to their training and ongoing education, CSIA-certified sweeps are bound by a code of ethics that ensure they will treat their customers well. CSIA-certified sweeps are committed to honoring the CSIA’s best practices; that sweeps will know and comply with all local codes related to chimneys, fireplaces and heating stoves; and that they will install, repair and maintain stoves, fireplaces and chimneys in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. CSIA-certified sweeps also will be professional at all time and are bound to educate their clients on safe operation and maintenance of their fireplaces, heating stoves and chimneys.

Call a CSIA-certified sweep today!

To keep fireplaces and chimney operating safely and efficiently, the National Fire Protection Association advises homeowners to have their chimneys swept and inspected annually. To protect against a chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, schedule your annual sweeping and inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney sweep. It’s the best way to know that your chimney has been cared for in the safest possible manner. Your CSIA-certified sweep also is prepared to help you deal with any damage, wear and tear, or malfunctions your fireplace or chimney faces because they’ve undergone the training needed to deal with more than just brushing your chimney flue.

If you are looking for a new chimney sweep, call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment today. In addition to being CSIA certified, we have been trusted chimney sweeps for 20 years! We are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

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