A hearth can anchor a home’s living space, or it can do the opposite. If your fireplace is outdated, it can drag down the look of your entire home. Perhaps your hearth doesn’t fit with the vision you have for your fireplace and home. In this case, you can give your fireplace a facelift and make it the showpiece it should be, with cultured stone.

Cultured stone is manufactured from colored concrete. It’s made to mimic the look of real stone. Because it’s lighter and cheaper, it’s more affordable, easier to install and more accessible. With cultured stone, you can give your fireplace a facelift in a variety of ways and styles.

Cover an existing, unsightly fireplace surround

masonry chimneyCultured stone is sold as a veneer, which means it can easily be placed over nearly any existing surface. Cultured stone can also be installed over outdated brick or tile fireplaces. With cultured stone, you can get the look of smooth cobblestone, stacked river stone or beautiful limestone to create a new, updated fireplace.

Frame your fireplace

Sometimes fireplaces aren’t outdated or unsightly, but they lack detail to make them standout in your home. Cultured stone let you frame your fireplace to give it interesting detail, and it highlights your fireplace. In addition to simple stone veneers, cultured stone comes in arches, keystones and framing pieces. This gives your fireplace an unique look with architectural detailing that makes it stand out.

Create a statement

One of the greatest benefits of cultured stone is that you can use it to create a statement in your home. Because cultured stone is lightweight, it doesn’t require extensive infrastructure or foundation. It’s also cost effective when compared with other hearth materials. Due to its easy installation, light weight and low price, you can use cultured stone to create your dream hearth.

You can install a floor to ceiling fireplace feature, or create a wall-to-wall hearth with built-in nooks and crannies for storing firewood, books or décor. Cultured stone provides you with the opportunity to create a statement that wouldn’t be possible with traditional masonry stones.

If you are ready to give your fireplace a facelift with cultured stone, call Total Chimney Care to schedule a consultation! We listen to your vision, and we can help you design your dream fireplace that also fits your budget.