Get Better Performance And Savings With Energy Efficient Appliances

It’s easy to get attached to an old wood-burning stove or fireplace — there’s so much character and history confined inside these appliances, and, at their best, they bring such an unmatched, eye-grabbing charm to a space. But they do bring some serious drawbacks, too.

Open fireplaces and older wood stoves (meaning ones that were manufactured before 1990) just weren’t designed to be terribly efficient, in terms of heating power or fuel use. They waste fuel, waste heat and create higher levels of dangerous byproducts and deposits like creosote (which is what your Total Chimney Care technicians are working to get rid of during chimney sweeping appointments.Saving Energy = Saving Money - New Haven Fairfield CT - Total Chimney Care LLC

Those old appliances also contribute more pollution to the air outside, and higher levels of particulates to their air inside your home. And if you really want to warm a room, your old wood fireplace isn’t going to offer a lot there — by design, a massive share of the heat created just gets sucked right up the flue. So while it’s understandable to be attached to that old unit, they’re not always the most practical.

Upgrading To Energy Efficient Appliances

Newer fireplaces and stoves on the market now were explicitly developed with energy efficiency and savings in mind. According to figures from the Environmental Protection Agency, newer, EPA-certified appliances are 50 percent more energy efficient (a new wood-burning unit can produce the same amount of heat as an old appliance using a third of the wood). Particle pollution is decreased with EPA-certified appliances too, by as much as 70 percent, and creosote build-up in the flue is dramatically reduced. The benefits here are broad, from the warmth in your home to the bottom line in your checkbook.

Gas Brings Convenience And Efficiency Too

If you have a wood-burning unit and want to really maximize efficiency and convenience, consider switching to gas, with the installation of gas logs or a gas insert. Gas units on the market today are highly efficient — direct-vent appliances show around a 70 percent efficiency rating, and ventless ones are often shown to reach efficiency rates in the 90s. You’re getting a lot of bang for your fuel buck with modern gas appliances.

If you have any questions about boosting your energy efficiency or upgrading to a new energy-saving appliance, Total Chimney Care is always here to help. Just give us a call!