Poorly performing vents add to the expense of operating the dryer, since it takes longer to get things dry. Undisturbed dryer vents make attractive homes for animals that turn them into deadly ones for all involved. If neither of those suffices to impress you with their importance, dryer vents that are not in good condition threaten your family’s safety.

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How Important Is That?

Unclean and damaged dryer vents are primary contributors to house fires because ordinary vacuums usually cannot clean them. Only an extremely short and straight vent to the outdoors can be properly cleaned without special equipment. That kind of venting is increasingly rare, with more vents commonly running long distances and making lots of turns.

An expanding problem due to urban density that places dryers in central closets, convoluted dryer vents add a little danger with every turn they make. Every corner is another place for lint and other debris to accumulate, and all of it is in there with heated air. Even heat is slower to escape the house when it has to navigate a more complicated route.

New home construction that does not pre-determine the laundry room’s location can also lead to long, jointed vents. In short, the task of cleaning a dryer vent has become more complicated for homeowners, and renters are more at the mercy of landlords. The majority of dryer vents just cannot be easily cleaned and inspected, but – for the same reason – they need it more than ever.

Of Major Major Importance

It is another of life’s “Catch 22”s for more and more people…the very vents that need more cleaning are ‘impossible’ to clean. The importance of doing it regularly and properly is why professionals exist to handle it and equipment is made to assist them. Keep energy bills down and your safety up with routine attention to that tricky dryer vent. Why risk doing it wrong when you can call a pro who can safely keep it clean.