What causes chimney leaks?

Chimney leaks tend to spring up in the winter, when snow, rain and ice attack your roof lines. If you see water in your firebox, rust forming on your damper, fireplace grate or fireplace doors, or ominous dark spots on your ceiling or walls, water has found a way through your chimney. When you see water coming into your home, you must identify and address the source of the leak before the water causes major damage to your home. To help you identify the source of your chimney leak, here are some common reasons for chimneys leak.

Missing or damaged chimney cap

metal chimney capA chimney cap is essential for keeping water out of your chimney. A chimney cap covers your chimney’s exterior opening, to prevent water from flowing down the chimney flue. Water in the chimney can cause damage to chimney flue tiles and rust on metal chimney and fireplace components.

Freeze-thaw masonry damage

Damaged chimney masonry causes water to seep in through your chimney. Masonry materials are highly porous, and they absorb moisture from rain, sleet and snow very easily. When the temperatures drop, the water trapped inside the masonry freezes and expands. This causes the masonry to crack or crumble. Once the masonry is damaged or weakened, more water can find its way into the chimney. Over time, this can lead to extensive water damage that can threaten the structure of the chimney itself.

Damaged chimney crown or chase cover

If you have a masonry chimney, the top of the chimney should be protected by a chimney crown. The chimney for a prefabricated fireplace or heating stove is protected by a chimney chase cover. Crowns and chase covers divert water away from the chimney opening. Both are subject to breaking down over time, which can allow water to flow down into your fireplace and chimney, which causes rust or water damage.

Faulty flashing or roofing

Sometimes the cause of a chimney leak isn’t the chimney itself, but rather the flashing or the roofing. Damage to the chimney flashing, which is meant to keep water from coming in where the chimney meets the roof, is especially damaging to your home. If your chimney flashing is failing, water can pour into your home, damaging ceilings, walls and your home’s structure.

No matter what the cause is for your chimney leak, a chimney leak can cause extensive water damage. Don’t wait to have the cause of your chimney leak identified and addressed! Call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment today! We’ll identify the source of water damage and prescribe a course of repair to reseal your chimney.

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