Flashing is the metal piece that seals the area where your roof meets the chimney. As you can imagine, it plays an integral role in keeping this vulnerable space better protected. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners find themselves experiencing issues with their flashing, which leads to leaks and water damage in their home and fireplace.

If you’re facing problems with excess moisture in your home, and you think that your flashing is to blame, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Total Chimney Care. We can check things over and provide you with the solutions you are looking for. In the meantime, learn more below on some of the common flashing-related problems.

Rusting or Corrosion

brick chimney with issues

Flashing is a part of your home’s construction that takes on a lot of wear and tear. It’s not uncommon for it to have some rust or corrosion over time. Between bad storms, your roof and chimney contracting at different rates, deterioration, and more, it’s not surprising that you may experience a problem or two down the line.

Nothing lasts forever, so if your old flashing is starting to fail you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy repair or restore your flashing before the burning season kicks off this fall.

Animal Tampering

Woodland critters are curious beasts. While your chimney cap is keeping them out of your flue, that won’t stop them from trying to get in through your flashing. The more they mess with the flashing, the looser and more bent it becomes, forcing you to call a trusted chimney sweep for back up.

Loose Caulk & Gaps

Cracks and gaps throughout your flashing and caulking kind of defeat the purpose of having it installed in the first place. Because of this, addressing these openings in a timely manner is a must. It doesn’t take much for a small hole to turn into a sizable gap. Save yourself the stress of water stains, rotting wood, crumbling brickwork, and more. Invest in the care you deserve by calling our trusted team!

Are You Missing Your Flashing?

If you are missing flashing, then don’t wait to give our crew of CSIA certified experts a call. We will do a thorough overview of your system, and we’ll approach the project with the care and precision you deserve. A chimney without flashing won’t stay in good condition for long, so invest in affordable preventative maintenance to avoid expensive repairs later.

Our busy fall season is only a couple of months away. Reach out to us now to schedule an appointment, so that your fireplace will be ready for use on that first chilly evening. Give us a call at 203-874-6772 to get started!