Would you leave a window in your home wide open during the winter? Would you let a strong draft from your windows go unchecked? The answer to these questions is most likely “no;” you know that open or leaky windows rob your home of warm air in the winter and cost you money as your furnace works overtime to compensate.

If you have a traditional fireplace damper, you likely are leaving your chimney wide open to let warm air out and cold drafts in. Just like an open window, a leaky chimney damper can increase your home-heating costs. That’s why you should consider an energy-efficient damper to save you money this winter.

The Problem with Traditional Dampers

Nearly all fireplaces are installed with a traditional throat damper. These dampers are located just above your firebox, and most feature a metal-on-metal closure. When the dampers are new, they might create a reasonably effective barrier between the warm air in your home and the cold air outside. These dampers warp quickly, however, due to moisture and the extreme heat from your fireplace. Over time, they fail to form an effective seal and let the warm air seep out of your house, even when closed.

How to Save Energy with a Top-Sealing Damper

If you’ve noticed the cold draft from your fireplace — or if you’re trying to improve your home’s efficiency — choose a top-selling damper. Top-sealing dampers are installed atop your chimney. They feature gaskets that form a perfect seal when closed, so when your fireplace isn’t in use, you can be sure that warm air isn’t escaping from your home and cold drafts won’t be finding their way down your flue. Just like traditional dampers, top-sealing dampers can be opened and closed with a lever in your firebox.

Other Benefits of Top-Sealing Dampers

Conserving energy and lowering your home-heating bills aren’t the only benefits of top-sealing dampers. Top-sealing dampers also keep animals out of your chimney, while preventing debris from blowing down the flue. They also keep moisture out of your chimney and fireplace, preserving your chimney structure and fireplace from water damage. Top-sealing dampers also can help stop downdrafts that can drive unpleasant smells from your chimney into your home during warm summer months.

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