A hearth upgrade can vastly improve the look of your home. A hearth sets the tone for your living space, and investing in a new look for your hearth can give your home a whole new atmosphere. One way to make a dramatic change to your fireplace — or to install a new hearth to dramatically change your home — quickly and relatively inexpensively is with cultured stone.

Cultured stone – what is it?

Cultured stone is manmade to look like natural masonry products. Concrete creates a stone-like texture after molding. The molds include stones of different sizes, shapes and shades. One panel appears to be constructed out of several different rocks. Cultured stone comes in different colors and rock textures to create a variety of different looks, from broad fieldstones to stacked river rocks.

Why choose cultured stone?

More and more people are turning to cultured stone to achieve masonry accents on fireplaces, outdoor firepits, home exteriors and indoor accent walls. That’s because cultured stone offers many benefits over real quarried stone. First and foremost, cultured stone is considerably cheaper, costing as little as one-quarter of the price of natural stone. It’s also lighter, so it doesn’t require the foundation and infrastructure needed to support heavy stone structures. The paneled construction of cultured stone makes it quick and easy to install. For those looking to lessen their environmental impact, manufactured stone comes without the heavy environmental damage that quarries cause. Finally, cultured cement stone is easy to clean and durable.

What are your cultured stone options?

Despite limitations on the available stone types in your area, cultured stone comes in different varieties. First, the stones are molded into a variety of shapes. Next, the final molds are hand painted with iron pigments. This helps achieve a variation in color and appearance. In all, you can easily find cultured stone in more than 20 textures and 100 colors. With cultured stone, you can find the look you want for your hearth.

How can you make over your fireplace with cultured stone?

At Total Chimney Care, we are happy to provide our customers with cultured stone options for rehabbing the look of their fireplaces, or for installing a brand new fireplace in their home. Therefore, if you love the rich look of stone and want to find the perfect cultured stone for your hearth, call Total Chimney Care to schedule a consultation. Our hearth experts can show you all of your cultured stone options and help you create the look you want.