A Chimney and Fireplace Guide to Ensure Your Safety

Don’t you think you owe a little credit to your chimney and fireplace? How it gives warmth and comfort to you and your family during those cold nights – a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Also, you know how expensive it was to have them installed. Basically, what you need to do is take care of your chimneys and fireplaces so you don’t end up letting all your hard-earned money go down the drain.

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The safety, security and health of your home is very important. This does not only concern you but everyone who stays in the house as well.  It is typical for every human being to experience problems from the simplest to the most complex ones, and the fireplace and chimney are no exception. But this should not stop you from maintaining your furnace’s function and stability.

There are three things you need to do and you’re all set for another year. These should guide you towards safe maintenance of your chimney and fireplace. First of all, have your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This takes out any dirt or residue left after constantly using the fireplace. Also, you have to check on the stove’s thermometer. This thermometer is used to manage temperatures used in the fireplace. It will show if you’re already overboard with the fire you light up or if it still can handle more. Lastly, make sure that there are no potential hazards near the area where the fireplace is installed; no magazines, papers or any combustible material. This allows the fireplace to remain free from risks of accidents.

Follow these and you get two important benefits that are absolutely to your advantage. You will have that much valued safety and security inside and outside the home. When you are confident that your chimney and fireplace is in good condition, you will be more relaxed and at peace. Having a well-maintained chimney and fireplace reduces if not eliminates the chances of fires or short circuits to occur in your home.

Knowing that you have control of everything that happens inside your home especially in the living area where the chimney and fireplace is installed gives you the confidence that all things are intact and in place inside your home. But most importantly, it gives you a peaceful good night’s rest. When you feel safe and secure, it leads to a stress-free state of mind.

Second, because there is no problem with your heating system, there are lesser chances of becoming sick due to asthma attacks, high fever, cough and colds. No one in the house can become sick or have unwanted viruses in their body; no negative air pressure; no dust or residue from open combustion can accumulate. If they do, then something greater is happening in your home that needs utmost attention.

This can be done with the help of certified, technically-skilled professional sweeps of Total Chimney Care serving the people of Connecticut since 1996. They are more than willing to help you maintain the safety, security and overall efficiency of your furnaces.