Mid Season Cleaning Benefits - Fairfield New Haven CT - Total Chimney CareFireplaces and wood-burning stoves have been immensely helpful to homeowners this winter season because we have endured an abundance of snow, ice and freezing rain. Many chimney sweeping professionals will recommend you have your chimney swept and inspected once a year if you use your wood-burning appliance very rarely. However, if you have been using your fireplace or stove all winter long, you may want to schedule a mid-season cleaning.

Why A Mid-Season Cleaning?

The reasons for a mid-season cleaning are simple: you want the peace of mind that your chimney is operating in the best possible condition. An inspection after a couple of months of use will let you rest assured your chimney is safe to use for the rest of the cold season. If you’ve been using your chimney regularly, blockage and build-up can occur, so a mid-season cleaning can alleviate potential problems and allow you to use your chimney safely. Spring is almost here, but we have still got some cold weather to endure, so make sure your chimney is in the best possible condition for the rest of the cold season.

Birds, Animals And Debris

When it is cold outside, many animals look for sanctuary. If your chimney cap has been open, they may have gone inside your chimney and built nests. Not only is this inhumane for the animals, it’s also not safe for your chimney. Nests are flammable, and can cause chimney damage if not removed safely.

Creosote Build-Up

Chimney sweeping companies talk about creosote a lot, because it is a harmful build-up that is highly flammable [http://www.homesaver.com/content/tenquestions_chimneycleaned.aspx] and can damage your chimney. If you use your chimney on a regular basis to heat your home, you want to sweep it out regularly to remove the harmful residue and prevent it from damaging your chimney.

Moisture In Your Chimney

One of the biggest concerns during winter months is moisture getting into your chimney. If you are using your chimney regularly and leaving your damper open, it is possible that rain and snow have gotten into your chimney. This can create build-up and make it difficult for you to ignite fires and keep them burning hot, but it can also cause mortar damage to the mason work inside your chimney. A mid-season chimney sweep and inspection can remove moisture and help you feel comfortable using your fireplace or woodstove.

Hiring a professional to clean and inspect your chimney is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a homeowner. Damage can be evident from the exterior of your home, but only a licensed and qualified chimney sweep will have the tools and experience necessary to do a thorough inspection on the outside, as well as the inside of your chimney and fireplace. Before winter rears its head for the last time, schedule a mid-season chimney sweep and inspection with the professionals at Total Chimney Care in New Haven and Fairfield [https://www.totalchimneycare.com/]. You will be able to enjoy the rest of winter with a comfortably heated home knowing that your chimney and your fireplace are working safely and efficiently.