Warm summer nights probably don’t have you thinking of crackling fall fires, but taking the time to think about your chimney now can save you from delaying your first fall fire because your chimney has not been swept or is in disrepair. In fact, summer can be the best time for chimney services: You can have your chimney repairs completed before fall, and you won’t have to worry about trying to schedule inspections or repairs during the busy fall chimney sweeping season.

Masonry repairs are best completed in warm weather.Chimney Repairs Before Fall & Winter - New Haven-Fairfield CT - Total Chimney Care

If you know your chimney is in need of masonry repairs, whether it is rebuilding a deteriorated chimney crown or tuckpointing crumbling mortar, it is best to have those repairs completed before fall’s cool weather sets in. Warm weather allows masonry materials to cure properly. If the temperature drops too far, or if rainy weather sets in for the fall, you might have to delay necessary chimney repairs and risk delaying your enjoyment of your fireplace this winter.

Scheduling repairs now can prevent further damage.

Many chimney repairs can spiral into larger problems if they go unchecked. If you notice cracks in your chimney’s masonry or if your chimney cap, crown or chase cover have been damaged, that can allow water to pour into your chimney or seep into your chimney’s masonry during heavy summer rainstorms. Addressing needed chimney repairs this summer can prevent further chimney damage.

Summer maintenance can prepare your chimney for fall.

Chimneys require all sorts of regular upkeep to keep them operating effectively and safely. Summer is a great time to undertake chimney maintenance issues so your chimney and your fireplace are ready for the fall. Summer is the perfect time to have your chimney cap repaired or replaced to keep out rain, to install a top-sealing damper to keep out winter drafts and moisture or to have a waterproofing treatment applied to protect your chimney’s masonry from water damage.

A summer inspects prevents surprises.

While annual chimney sweepings and inspections are part of many people’s fall traditions, having a summer inspection has one major advantage. A summer inspection protects you from being surprised with a needed repair when you are ready to light your first fall fire. If your inspection turns up the need for a chimney repair, fireplace repair or a regular maintenance service, you still have plenty of time to undertake that repair before fall’s chill has you ready to light a fire!

If you have noticed the need for a chimney repair, or if you haven’t had your chimney inspection since last fall, call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment today! We can handle any necessary chimney repairs, perform preventative maintenance services like waterproofing or inspect your chimney to ensure it is clean and in good repair for the coming fall.