All heating appliances need regular maintenance, whether it’s an open-hearth chimney, a heating stove or a furnace. If you have an oil furnace, your annual service is especially important! Here’s why you should service your oil flue annually and what to expect from your annual oil flue service.

Why oil flues require maintenance.

Like any combustion appliance, your oil furnace generates smoke, soot, and gas. As your oil furnace burns, all of those combustion byproducts travel up your oil flue and out of your home. In the process, however, soot is deposited on the walls of your chimney flue. If left unchecked, that soot can cause several problems. First and foremost, the soot is highly corrosive; it can eat away at the walls of your oil flue, causing holes and leaks that prevent the flue from safely venting dangerous smoke and gases from the furnace. The buildup in your oil flue may also run back through the system. It can land on the furnace itself and buildup, blocking the working components of the furnace.

In addition to causing your oil furnace to malfunction due to a buildup of debris, failing to clean your oil furnace can cause carbon monoxide to build up dangerously in your home. If your flue is clogged, the carbon monoxide generated by your furnace’s combustion will back up into your home. Also, if there are gaps or holes in the furnace flue, carbon monoxide can seep out of the cracks and holes and into your home. Either way, a dirty oil flue can lead to a dangerous, or even deadly, buildup of carbon monoxide in your home.

What to expect during an oil flue service.

So what exactly will your technician do during an oil flue cleaning? First, any openings that allow soot to enter your home will be sealed. Then, your technician will disconnect the pipe that attaches your furnace to the chimney. That pipe will be cleaned, and the chimney will be evaluated to see whether it needs to be swept. If the chimney has too much of a buildup, your technician will use high-powered brushes to sweep soot and debris from your flue. Any debris swept from the flue or from the connector pipe will be vacuumed away.

After the sweeping, your technician will perform another crucial task: the annual inspection. Your chimney technician will inspect your oil flue and all of the connecting components to look for any signs of damage or weakness that could pose a danger to your home or your family. If any problems are found, your technicians will make recommendations to have your flue repaired to restore its safety.

Who to call for oil flue cleaning.

Are you wondering who can service your oil furnace flue? In New Haven and Fairfield, you can call Total Chimney Care! We provide full-scale oil flue cleaning and inspections to keep your furnace running efficiently and safely. Call to schedule your appointment today!