Fall is here, and winter won’t be far behind! Would your home benefit from a fireplace or heating stove? Is your current fireplace or heating stove in need of replacement? We have what you need to stay warm and cozy this winter! Shop Total Chimney Care’s online store to find your perfect fireplace. Here’s what you’ll find.


gas log fireWhether you’re installing a new fireplace or looking to replace an old fireplace, Total Chimney Care’s online store has plenty of fireplace options for you. Whether you’re looking for a gas, wood-burning or electric fireplace, we have a model that will suit your tastes and provide the adequate amount of  heat you need.

Direct vent fireplaces

Many homeowners long for fireplaces but worry about the expense and space required. What if you could get the coziness of fireplace without the need for a bulky chimney? That’s just what you can get with a direct-vent fireplace. Direct-vent fireplaces can exhaust out of your home through any exterior wall or through a vent system. That means you can install a fireplace nearly anywhere in your home.

Fireplace inserts

If you love having a fireplace, but feel like you’re losing efficiency through your open-hearth fireplace, then a fireplace insert is the perfect solution. Fireplace inserts are fitted into existing fireplaces. Available in wood-burning, gas or pellet varieties, fireplace inserts dramatically increase the efficiency of your fireplace, providing more heat for less work and money.

Heating stoves

Heating stoves can add supplemental heat to the any chilly rooms in your home. They can also be put in a discreet spot to vent heat to the main rooms in your home. In Total Chimney Care’s online store, you’ll find gas, pellet and wood-burning heating stoves that will help to keep your home warmer this winter, while lowering your home’s heating bills.

Gas logs

Many homeowners love the charm and glow of a traditional, open-heart wood-burning fireplace, but often leave them unused because all of the work involved in building and tending a wood fire. With a gas log set from Total Chimney Care, you can enjoy a roaring fire in your fireplace all with a flip of a switch.

Fireplace accessories

Do you love your existing fireplace, but you think your hearth needs a little love and care? Total Chimney Care’s online store has what you need! In our online store, you’ll find new fireplace doors, mantels and many other accessories. The accessories in our online store can enhance the look of your fireplace and increase its efficiency.

Fall temperatures are setting in, but there is still plenty of time to find the perfect fireplace for your home before winter. Visit Total Chimney Care’s online store to start shopping now!