Warm Weather is Best for Chimney Inspections

Spring and summer are seasons we often begin to do significant repairs around the home. But, for some reason, homeowners often let the chimney and fireplace go until they are ready to use it again. There is more than one reason homeowners need to seriously consider making chimney inspections part of their spring-cleaning routine.

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Chimneys handle both fire and water in winter. In a lingering winter, the latter is definitely a worry. There is an unusual amount of snow and rain for this time of the year, with new storms rolling across the country every few days. Spring – whenever it comes — follows “the heating season”, and – when it is like this one – it is only sensible to see what happened.

There is a lot of outdoor activity in the local animal kingdom during the spring. Animals of all sorts are getting out and about and looking for a new home. Chimneys are the ideal location for them, so spring is definitely the time to ensure they are properly capped.

There are other good reasons for spring inspections and summer, too, but – having raised concerns – it is time for some benefits! Repairing a chimney in either season is an absolute breeze compared to undertaking repairs in the heating season. If you catch defects in spring, there is plenty of time for careful selection of workers, materials, and schedules.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because you do not really use your fireplace over the summer that it is a good time to simply push it to the back of the “Honey Do” list. As in most cases, when something is not needed or used, it is much easier to break down and have it cleaned. If it has to be out of order for some time for repairs, this is the time. And of course, do not forget, just because you are not using it, does not mean some critters are not trying to make it their home!