Spring cleaning helps refresh your home. Don’t forget to include your chimney in your spring cleaning! From the inside or out, a dirty chimney can subvert your spring cleaning efforts. It can fill your home with unpleasant smells or add a dinginess to the overall look of your home. Here’s what you need to know about spring cleaning your chimney.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Chimney

When your chimney’s dirty on the inside, the air that drafts back fills your home with unpleasant smoky or damp smells. Those smells intensify during the heat of the summer. You can avoid foul smells by scheduling your annual chimney sweeping and inspection for the spring. This helps you avoid the scheduling crunch of

Cleaning Your Hearth

A clean hearth free of ash and debris freshens the look of your living space. You should also clean fireplace doors with a glass cleaner and dust your gas logs. Whatever your hearth material, it should be able to be cleaned with a mild detergent mixed with water. If there are severe stains or if your hearth is deeply imbedded with soot and grime, there are specialty products that can be applied and peeled away to remove that deeply seated grime.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Chimney

If your chimney’s exterior is dingy, it can lower the curb appeal of your entire home. Cleaning your chimney’s exterior is a relatively simple process, and the easiest way is to use a pressure washer.  If you have a masonry chimney, be sure to check out recommendations for the right setting for your pressure washer. Too much pressure could damage the mortar that holds your chimney together. Stains on your masonry chimney can be scrubbed with a brush and a mixture of bleach and water. If you do notice black, white or mold stains on your chimney, be sure to discuss them with your chimney sweep during your annual inspection. That can be a sign that your chimney is taking on water and is susceptible to water damage.

If you’re spring cleaning your house, call Total Chimney Care to schedule an appointment today! We can help you get your hearth and your chimney in top shape.