Keeping your clothes dryer running safely and efficiently depends on your care and maintenance of it. When your dryer is in use, lint from clothes and linens escapes and gets sucked into the dryer vent. Some of it is captured by the lint screen, but some of the lint gets into the vents. In the vents, the lint sticks to the vent walls.

removing dryer lint

Over time, that lint builds up and can severely restrict or completely block the dryer vents. Clogged dryer vents create several dangers for your home. Those dangers include:

  • Clothes dryer fires
  • Carbon monoxide buildup
  • Inefficient dryer operation
  • Shortened dryer lifespan

Dangers of clogged dryer vents

Clothes dryers do have heating elements that can catch fire, and clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of dryer fires. Clogged vents prevent hot air from escaping the dryer. That hot air builds up, and the heating element begins working overtime to compensate and cause the heating element to burst into flames. 

There is more than hot air exhausts through your clothes dryer vents. If you have a gas dryer, the carbon monoxide generated by the combustion in the dryer exhausts through the dryer vents. If the vents are clogged, carbon monoxide can’t escape through the vent. Instead, it builds up within your home. If it goes unchecked, it can build up to sicken your family and there is even a risk of death.

At a minimum, clogged dryer vents prevent your dryer from operating properly and efficiently. It will take longer for you to dry each load of laundry. You’ll run your dryer multiple times, which cost you more time and money. Because clogged dryer vents cause your dryer to work overtime to compensate for inefficient exhausting, it can shorten the lifespan of it.

Keeping your home safe from the dangers of clogged dryer vents

The best way to keep your home safe from the dangers of clogged dryer vents is to prevent a buildup of lint in your dryer vents. To keep your dryer vents clear of lint and keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently, there are some things you can do.

You can clean the lint trap between each load of laundry. If the lint trap is full of lint, there is nowhere for the lint to go but into your dryer vents. You should never run your dryer without the lint trap in place. It’s also a great idea to schedule a professional dryer vent inspection and cleaning with us at least once a year. Professional dryer vent cleaning employs rotating brushes and high-powered vacuums to fully clear all the lint from your dryer vents.

Reach out to our professional for a dryer vent cleaning or inspection

You need to know the signs of clogged dryer vents. When you know the warning signs of clogged dryer vents, this gives you time to get a much-needed dryer vent cleaning before it is a major hazard. When vents are restricted, dryer cycles will take longer to dry your laundry, clothes may smell musty. You may also smell a burning smell when the dryer is running, or laundry room may become unusually warm when the dryer is operating.

If your clothes dryer is showing signs of clogged vents or if you’re overdue for a professional dryer vent cleaning, call Total Chimney Care! Our certified technicians can clean your dryer vents to keep your home safe from the dangers of clogged dryer vents!