A properly lined chimney plays a significant role in helping your fireplace operate more smoothly, and it will keep your home and family better protected, as well. If your liner is cracked, damaged, or missing, getting a certified technician on the job as soon as possible is a must! Operating a fireplace without a well-fitted liner in place will increase your risk of fires and gas exposure, and your chimney will face a lot of deterioration, as well.

All in all, lighting a fire when you need some relining work completed isn’t a good idea, and you’ll only wind up paying more for hospital bills and property damage if you avoid it. Fortunately, we have an affordable alternative option for those who qualify – HeatShield! Learn more about this product below.

red brick ranch house with chimney

Is Your Flue Made From Clay Or Mortar?

If you have a clay or mortar flue, then there’s a good chance we can use HeatShield to resolve your liner issues. For metal liners, stainless steel will always be your best bet, but it is typically more expensive, and our HeatShield option provides effective results with an impressive 20 year warranty.

So, what is it exactly? Heatshield is a sealant that can be used to fill any cracks, holes, or gaps throughout your structure. This ensures flames and hazardous fumes, like smoke or carbon monoxide, cannot escape into your home.

Is It Effective?

Sometimes homeowners are skeptical about a product that claims to be cheaper, yet highly durable. Does it really stand the test of time? You bet! We are trained with the CSIA and members of the NCSG. You can bet we know our stuff when it comes to the ins and outs of your system.

We’ve been serving this area for over 20 years now, so our long list of satisfied customers can vouch for our knowledge and expertise. When it comes to your fireplace, we know how to tackle it all! We always put your needs and safety before everything else. When you invest in HeatShield, you will get years of protection and safe fires.

Schedule An Inspection With Us Today

We suggest scheduling your inspection now before the busy fall season is officially upon us. We can look things over and make recommendations based on the level of damage you are experiencing. If you’re looking for a safe fireplace throughout the holidays, schedule an appointment!

Don’t put it off any longer. Give our crew a call today, and we can set something up!