Many people close their homes to turn on the air conditioners each summer as they try to beat the heat and keep out the outdoor allergens. If your home has dirty air ducts, however, being indoors with the air conditioner might actually expose you to inferior air quality. With air duct cleaning from Total Chimney Care, you can breathe easier this summer.

How do air ducts get dirty in the first place?

The HVAC system in your home “breathes” in the air from your home, which then cools or heats to circulate through the duct work. When your furnace or air conditioner intakes the air from your home, it takes in any of the particles that are lurking around your home including pet dander, mold spores, dust, bacteria and outdoor allergens that have been tracked inside. If you don’t have your air ducts cleaned, all of that debris builds up within your air ducts.

Benefits of air duct cleaning

When your HVAC system runs, all the dirt particles in your air ducts go air born and blow out of your air vents into your home’s living space. Cleaning those particles out of your air ducts has many benefits including:

  • Better indoor air quality – Clean air ducts lead to cleaner air within your home. In addition, the improved air quality can provide relief for people in your home who suffer from asthma, allergies or other ailments that are caused by airborne matters.
  • A cleaner home – The dust and debris that comes out of your air ducts has to land somewhere. Dirty air ducts can cause dust to accumulate quickly on your furniture, floors and décor. Cleaning your air ducts will lead to a cleaner home.
  • A more efficient HVAC system – When your air ducts are clean, your HVAC system can work more efficiently. Some homeowners even reporting to run their furnaces or air conditioners less frequently because the increased airflow from their HVAC system.
  • A longer life for your HVAC system – The dust and debris in your air ducts can get sucked into your furnace or air conditioning unit. There, it can cause parts to stick or vents to become clogged, which can cause your HVAC unit to malfunction or break down. Cleaner ducts are easier on your HVAC system and can also help to extend its life.

If you’re ready to breathe easier this summer, call Total Chimney Care to schedule your air duct cleaning today! We’ll use our specialty, high-powered HEPA filtration vacuums in your duct system and vacuum out all of the debris, which we will bag up and haul away. You’ll be left with increased indoor air quality and a healthier HVAC system, so you can breathe easier this summer