Many homeowners wait until the fall months to have their chimney swept, inspected, and prepped for the upcoming fire-burning season. Spring, perhaps, is the best time of year to have your chimney swept. Spring cleanings can be better for your chimney, help you identify the need for repairs early, and can be easier to schedule. As an added bonus, when you schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection with Total Chimney Care before June 1, you’ll save 25 percent on your service! End of Season Sweeping Save - New Haven - Fairfield CT - Total Chimney Care LLC -w800-h800

Save your chimney from creosote.

The primary purpose of your annual chimney sweeping is to remove creosote from your chimney, which can ignite and pose a major fire hazard when you light your first fire in the fall. Creosote that’s left in your chimney over the spring and summer after you stop using your fireplace for the season, also can do damage. Creosote is highly acidic. Because of that, it can cause damage to your flue, corroding tiles or metal components. When creosote comes in contact with moisture, either on hot, humid days or after a spring rainstorm, it can let off an unpleasant smell, like bad barbecue or fresh asphalt, that can fill your home. Having your chimney swept in the spring can save your chimney from being damaged by creosote and can spare your home from the unpleasant smell of wet creosote.

Spot chimney damage and identify repairs.

Winter can be hard on your chimney. The freeze-thaw cycle can cause cracks and crumbles in your chimney’s masonry. Undetected chimney fires can leave major damage in your chimney. Cracks or damage to certain chimney components can let water into your chimney or into your home, which can cause major damage when spring rains hit. Each time your chimney sweep cleans your chimney, he inspects your chimney for signs of chimney damage, faulty parts and water leaks. By having your chimney inspected in the spring, you are able to identify any problems early. That allows you to work with your chimney care company to formulate a repair plan and gives you plenty of time to perform needed chimney repairs over the summer months. Early inspections mean you can have your fireplace and chimney ready for your first fire of the fall.

Beat the crowds.

Most people plan to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected in the fall. That can mean delays in scheduling your annual sweeping and inspection, which can delay the first fire of the fall. By having your chimney swept in the spring, you can beat the crowds, and save money! To save 25 percent on your annual chimney sweeping and inspection, call Total Chimney Care today to schedule your chimney’s spring cleaning and inspection!