helpful_tips_total_chimney_care_milford_ctAs the warm weather and days of splashing in the pool fade away, fall and winter are suddenly right around the corner. Our minds quickly forget the memories of summer and instead look ahead to all the joys of the end of the year. From pumpkin carving to snowman building and holiday celebrating, fall and winter are times of excitement and family fun. Those chilly East Coast nights quickly give way to blankets of snow, and you are in the very throes of the season.

Many homeowners start to think about getting their fireplaces up and running right around this time of the year. As temperatures start to drop, some people want to run the fireplace to keep the house warm. Others simply enjoy the tranquil ambiance offered by a warm, crackling fire on a gray, winter evening. Whatever the reason for using the fireplace, having a mason out to inspect and sweep the chimney beforehand is an excellent practice.

Because fireplaces have a set time of the year that people use them, most homeowners find it easier to remember to have the chimney cleaned and inspected every year. It is much easier to forget to maintain home appliances that you use year round, such as your clothes dryer. The dryer also needs a cleaning and inspection at least once per year, but many people overlook the quiet, reliable machine. As a way to help you remember, schedule a dryer vent cleaning along with the chimney sweep and inspection. The same serviceperson may even be able to complete both jobs on the same day.

According to the US Fire Administration, having the dryer vent cleaned is vital to the safety of your home and your family. While cleaning the lint trap inside the machine is a good start, the vent that lets the hot air escape your home also needs attention. Over time, lint, debris and even animals build up inside the vent. Sometimes the vent itself needs to be replaced too, because it has experienced unsafe amounts of wear and tear.

Damaged parts of an old vent can also grab large amounts of lint and debris. Any obstructions like these in the vent collect the hot air as it tries to leave the house, and because lint is highly flammable, this significantly increases the risk of fire in your home. In fact, between 2008 and 2010, an average of nearly 3,000 dryer fires was reported each year to the U.S. Fire Administration, and the majority of the fires were caused by failure to properly maintain the unit.

If you live in the area of New Haven, Connecticut, contact Total Care Chimney for a professional consultation. Total Care can provide you with expert servicing for both your chimney and your dryer vent. Do not hesitate to call because your safety counts on it.